This is the very best 26" folding bike from Tern called Eclipse X22
Tern is quite a new brand in the folding bike’s world so there are not that many reviews out there as if you are looking at some other brands, but the bunch of people behind this company is more than skilled and they all know about folding bikes more than probably any other group of people on this planet. The team leader is Josh Hon who is a son of David Hon, yes, that David Hon who gave the name and is still leading the world known Dahon. Josh was working in Dahon for many years as same as many other Tern employees, but at one time they have decided to go their own better way and they founded a new company.
They are currently the most innovative folding bike brand and they really work hard to have the most versatile, best rolling and amazingly looking folding bikes which have great durability and which are easy to maintain once in the future when the bike will need it.
Tern has very nice and pretty broad range of bikes which all use technologies rather simple than complex but with the great look and even better function. And why it is so? Because not only their Finnish designer Joakim but also Josh and many other people in the company are riding the bikes almost every day so their experiences are huge.
What you should definitely consider are their Eclipse models with either 24 or even 26″ wheels but still with compact folding. These, as well as the Cargo Node, are unique in the world of folding bikes.
We should also mention some disadvantages of Tern folding bikes. The main tax you have to pay for great looking and even better riding bike is its a bit bigger size when folded. It is nothing serious if you transport the bike in the car, camper or subway, but can be an issue when you go to a certain type of train or if you want to pack it into your small airplane or a yacht. This is also not valid for the basic version which is currently the Link B7:
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